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City Cycle Industries Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd

Our History

What began as a Small-scale industry by a bold and enterprising individual 28 years ago has revolved into Sri Lanka’s biggest Bicycle manufacturer catering to both local and International markets. At first, it was only the importation of bicycles under the Lumala brand from Japan. This grew steadily and garnered a reputation for excellence in technical advances and customer service. Thus, City Cycle Industries Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd came into manufacturing quality bicycles in 1985.

Having catered to the world’s best brands, CCIM has the exposure of creating any bicycle you desire. Our factories have a working area of over 275,000 square feet and sits on 3.5 acres in Panadura, Sri lanka. It is equipped with state of the art equipment to manufacture a complete bicycle in-house.

With the improvement in product quality and sheer determination, City Cycle Industries Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd entered the lucrative Middle Eastern and African markets in 1998, the European markets in 2000 and Indian market in 2004.

The company today has a large sales network that covers the entire island and a distribution that encompasses a modern fleet of trucks; thus ensuring smooth operations for the regional offices and aligned agents.

Our Focus

In order to ensure and consolidate the reputation earned, CCIM enforced stringent quality control and assurance techniques. From the cycle frame to the finished product, each step is inspected with attention to detail to make sure that they are in line with World-class safety and performance standards. Its organized processes and quality management systems have helped CCIM acquire the ISO 9001:2008 status.

We offer:

  • Cutting edge innovations and processes
  • Quality manufacturing of rims and frames
  • Quality welding, branding and wrapping services
  • Cost effective services & shipping
  • Compliance to standards, ethics, environmental & social responsibility

Going beyond

As a competitive advantage, CCIM offers an OEM order delivery process to its partners. Buyers can benefit immensely by the high quality and competitive prices which are on offer. We also have a pool of high skilled and creative individuals who will readily be of service to our customers. Additionally, efficient logistic support and short lead times are definite advantages when exporting. Thus timely and logical solutions ensured that you stay ahead of the competition at all times.