Lumala Bicycle Rental Scheme

General Terms and Conditions

Lumala Bicycle Rental Scheme

  • Available bicycle range
    •  Kids
    • Mountain
    • ATB
    • Gravel
    • Hybrid
    • Cruisers
    • Electric bikes
  1. Rate per day – Electric bike: Rs.5,000/00
  2. Rate per day – Non-electric bike: Rs.2,000/00
  3. Rate per day – Extra battery: Rs.500/00
  4. Rate per day – Child seat: Rs.500/00
  5. Rate per day- Tool kit: Rs.250/00
  6. Rate per day- bicycle mechanic (without food, accommodation, travelling chargers ): Rs.2,500/00
For more details contact: +94 77 114 1114

General Terms and Conditions

The refundable deposit and total payment need to be settled before delivery of bicycles

The bicycle condition report will be provided when delivering the bicycles.

Bicycles could be inspected when accepting delivery. The Lumala QC team will inspect the bicycles when returning, if there are any damages, repair and parts replacement costs will be deducted from the refundable deposit.

For 1 e bike Rs.40,000/00
For 1 mechanical bike Rs.25,000/00
For 1 battery Rs.10,000/00

Could be arranged at the request of renter. Will be charged.

City Cycle Industries Manufacturing (Pvt) Ltd (Lumala factory)
119, Old Galle Road, Henamulla, Panadura

Helmets (adults), one charger for each E –Bike ,One per bike will be provided free of charge and should be returned with the bicycles.

1 extra bike for 10 rented bikes will be provided free of charge.

E-bike Rs.5,000/00
Non-electric bike Rs.2,000/00
Battery Rs.500/00
Child Seat Rs.500/00
Helmet Rs. 5,000/00

Needs to pay the total value of the bike in case of loss or theft. Value decided by City Cycle Industries Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.In case of an accident, the damage estimate prepared by CCIMPL and accepted by the renter will be deducted from the refundable deposit.

Air pumps (Rates Rs. 500/00 1,100/00 1,500/00 1,700/00 per pump)
Cable locks (Rates Rs.500/00 per lock)
Brake Pads (Rate Rs. 500/00 per pair)

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